Complete Amazon Wholesale store setup

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Complete Amazon wholesale setup

Setting up an Amazon FBA business is hard and time-consuming. Finding profitable products to sell on Amazon can be even harder.

We can do all the hard work for you! Our team of experts will get your new account set up with suppliers, find profitable products in any category, and make purchase orders so that you don’t waste your time doing it yourself.

By working with TheFBAmachine you’ll have a personal Virtual Assistant who will help you avoid wasting money on low-quality or counterfeit items while they manage each supplier’s catalogs and order fulfillment process for you. This way, when we find a product that is profitable we can buy it from trusted US based suppliers and you can avoid all the mistakes new sellers make.

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What if you could own a thriving amazon Store With 4 simple steps?

1. Account setup and training

Setting up a wholesale account with Amazon may look intimidating at first, but our comprehensive Amazon Wholesale course and trained virtual assistant will walk you through each step. and have you ready to start contacting suppliers in no time!

2. Open Accounts

Don't know where to start? Save the headache and tedious months searching for good suppliers and let your new virtual assistant open up accounts with our trusted suppliers and distributors.

3. Make Purchase orders

Our catalog analyzer allows your virtual assistant to scan through thousands of items and generate purchase orders for you so you may get products into Amazon and acquire the expertise to be a successful seller on amazon.

4. Ship products to Amazon

Do you ship the products to your house or utilize a prep center? We'll show you how to use facilities all across the United States to reduce the cost of sending items into Amazon warehouses.

Successful CLient Stores

+ 3 free months of Sales.Support

Sales.Support has all the tools you need to get your Amazon business making money! 
✅ Catalog Analyzer to scan goods from suppliers.
✅ Repricer that can boost your sales by 50% or more.
✅ Inventory management tools so you can see your current net profit each day.
✅ Dropship software for when you have seasoned your account.
✅ CRM (client relationship management tool) keeps track of your suppliers and distributors.
✅ Plus many more available features.
($300 Value)

Watch the video to see all of Sales.Supports features!

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Alissa Maddison


“Getting set up with the right suppliers was the key to my success”

Paul Martinez


“Big shout out to The FBA Machine! I couldn’t have done it without all the support.”

John Williams


“After I made my sale I was addicted to the business model. Hitting 8 figures is the next goal!”

Jesse Claviter


“Thanks guys for all the help, I was so worried when I first started, also Queenie has been the best VA anyone could ask for.”

Ashley Stiles


“I know its just the beginning but I look forward to building my business over the next couple years”

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