Automate your business with Virtual Assistants!

Free up your time by building A team that works for YOU


Book an onboarding call with me to find out what skill sets you are looking for so we can find the right employees for your business. Next, we will set up interviews so you can pick the best VA for your business. These can be phone calls, Skype, or Zoom meetings.


Creating training is where The FBA Machine can help your company save time and money by creating training in an easy-to-learn format to train new employees. We have set up a learning management system where you can host your training in an online course format that is easy to access.


Once you have decided on the right employee for your company, we will set up time tracking and productivity software. Once completed, your new employee will be ready to start clocking in and start training.

great rates

We have some of the lowest rates possible paired with a fantastic management team. Imagine the work you could take off of your plate for $5 an hour! Don't forget this is a business service's can potentially be wrote off on your taxes but make sure you always ask your tax expert for your legal advice.

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a month / full-time

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what to expect:

We created a BONUS training course to learn how to create and upload training easily for your new employees. After that, you can store your content on our site. Once completed, we give you and your employees private access to your brand new training course. We recommend doing this so that when it comes time to train new employees, you can save valuable time by quickly sending them to your new training courses!

Frequently asked questions

Part-time employees work 4 hours a day and full-time employees work 8 hours Monday thru Friday.

Our regular hours are 9 to 5 pacific time. If you have a part-time you can choose them to start at 9am to 1pm or start at 1pm to 4pm.  

We use a simple yet powerful employee work tracker with screenshots, timesheets, billing, in-depth reports, and more. Understand productivity issues and act on them.

I have put together training on how to do everything step-by-step that you will get access when you sign up. I show you the best ways to record your content with free or paid software depending on your needs and once you have recorded your training you will send it to us and we will create your own course and give you and your employees access. 

We have a minimum of one week but we prefer to work with clients that need long-term employees. It tales time to train a VA and if you only use them for a week we cant guarantee they will be available next time you need them. We also only set up the time tracking and productivity tools if you commit to a month. 

Yes, we have a lot of customers that write off their VA as a business expense. We are not tax experts so talk to your accountant before making any tax decisions. 

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