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What if you could own a thriving amazon Store With 4 simple steps?

1. Set up Your Amazon Account

Although a simple process, if not done correctly this step can save you months from amazon review and potential suspension if done incorrectly. Don't risk getting into Amazon Jail because you skipped a step and amazon decided your not a good candidate for their platform.

2. Download Supplier catalog

Don't know where to start? Save the headache and tedious months searching for good catalog and download our ready to purchase supplier list. Trying this to do on your own without the right knowledge may lead to burnout and exhaustion.

3. choose profitable Products

Sourcing profitable products from a catalog without any clue what you're looking for is like searching for a needle in a haystack. Our training will pinpoint exactly what you should be looking for to avoid you getting stuck with unprofitable products that don't sell!

4. Ship products to Amazon

Enjoy handsoff shipment creation with out automated 3PL integration to streamline your shipments. Whether you use our suggested prep and pack so you can be anywhere in the world, or ship products to your garage, our processes will automate your shipment creation to avoid you wasting time making mistakes

Don't miss out on our $27.99 Amazon Wholesale Course!

Limited time only!

Build a business that
Gives you freedom for life

Do you want to add a extra source of income so you can spend more time with loved ones or go on that vacation you have always wanted and still make money while you’re away. 

Our mission is to give you all the tools you need to be successful while selling on Amazon without charging you thousands of dollars for an Amazon wholesale course just to see if it’s a good fit for you. 

On top of that we have teamed up with Sales.Support and have put together the tools you need to get started all for $27.99. 

This includes a bulk catalog Analyzer to scan through suppliers catalogs at blazing fast speeds. Automated prep and pack software with prep and pack warehouses located around the US. A CRM tool to help you keep track of your vendors important information. All for FREE!!!


Successful CLient Stores


Sales.Support has agreed to give away their Bulk catalog analyzer, CRM, and Automated Prep and pack software away for FREE so our users can get started with Amazon FBA at no extra cost.

Paired with our $27.99 Complete Amazon Course, The FBA Machine, and Sales.Support combo is a no-brainer for anyone wanting to get started selling on Amazon without dishing out thousands of dollars for a course and then having to pay for the monthly fees for software like a catalog analyzer. 

Once you start making sales that’s when Sales.Support has you covered with proprietary Repricer that can increase your sales up to 50% plus inventory management tools so you can see your exact profits each day plus many more tools!

Watch the video to see all of Sales.Supports features!


Check out some of our Youtube videos that will give you all kinds of helpful tip! 

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More Amazon SaleS!

Alissa Maddison


“Getting set up with the right suppliers was the key to my success”

Paul Martinez


“Big shout out to The FBA Machine! I couldn’t have done it without all the support.”

John Williams


“After I made my sale I was addicted to the business model. Hitting 8 figures is the next goal!”

Jesse Claviter


“Thanks guys for all the help, I was so worried when I first started, also Queenie has been the best VA anyone could ask for.”

Ashley Stiles


“I know its just the beginning but I look forward to building my business over the next couple years”

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