Save time and money with 2D Barcodes

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Say goodbye to Box COntent

Imagine how much time you could save not entering box content on Seller Central. No more tracking what goes in what box and worrying about labels added to the wrong boxes. With 2D Barcodes, you can quickly fill up a box, add a label without worrying about all the negatives that come with box content.

Cut Down on Mistakes

Mistakes or confusion can cost your business not only time and money but can create a snowball effect of more issues. How much money do you lose when someone loses track of box content and has to recount everything in a box? How much faster can you flip your capital when you can prep your products faster and get them into amazons warehouse? 2D barcodes are the only way to ship large amounts of products to Amazon.

Faster receiving times

2D barcodes are a long-kept secret of getting your products live and ready to sell on amazons marketplaces, sometimes weeks quicker. Amazon loves 2D barcodes and always receives these shipments extremely fast. As a result, you have shorter turnaround times on your products which means more profit and helps scale your business.

Save Time labeling products

Are you sick of printing product labels one by one thru Seller Central? Or printing 30 up labels and having a bunch of leftovers? Our 2d Barcodes will give your team the exact amount of labels needed for each item in your shipment at the touch of a button! You can even add expiration dates directly onto a single barcode sticker to minimize touches and save time & money.

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How to create a Shipment

Check out one of our videos of the different ways to create shipments to Amazons warehouse. If you want a more detailed explanation of how to utilize 2D barcodes for your business click the button below to book a call.
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